Do I need to install any software to use the scheduling system?
No. Our program is web based. You do not need to install any software locally on your computer. You only need a PC and an internet connection.
What is the FBO Code?
Every flight school/flying club has an FBO Code. Please contact your flight school and obtain their FBO Code.
I'm a renter. How can I access the scheduling system of my flight school?
If you know that your flight school uses PilotSchedule.com as their primary scheduling system, please contact them as they are the only ones who can create an account for you.
How many users can login and schedule my airplanes?
Unlimited. You can have an unlimited free number of users accessing your online schedule
How much is your service?
Starting November 2005, we offer our service for free
Who can use PilotSchedule.com?
Flight schools, flying clubs, aircraft partnerships and flight instructors
How can I signup my flight school?
PilotSchedule.com is now FREE Sign-up here
How can I register to use the online forum?
Forgot my password
Click here, request password
Is my information safe?
Yes, we do not sell any of your information and/or email address to third parties.
How do I report a bug or a request for a feature enhancement?
Please post any bug and/or request for feature enhacements in our online forum under the category "Scheduling System Bugs & Enhancements". You can also click on the following link http://www.pilotschedule.com/phpBB2/index.php?c=4
What kind of server is PilotSchedule running on?
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating System.
What is PilotSchedule server uptime?
Server is up 64 days 11 hours 14 minutes and 19 seconds
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